Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No pain no gain

I did it, I made it to my second class at the gym. This particular class is dedicated to muscle definition and is apparently quite popular.

What is great about the class is that you work within your limits and even if you limits are low you get a workout. It is not easy but it is reasonable and does test you. I am sore today but that was expected. I feel better because I have been making excuses and now with the wedding a matter of a few months away I want to do something besides making excuses.

I am also planning on adding another day to my work out to do it three times a week for an hour. I really like taking classes because it is different from my regular routine.

The hard thing is to keep motivated and on point. What are you motivation tools??


SoMi's Nilsa said...

I always found it hard to go to classes because I never could guarantee I'd make it to the gym in time (and hate waiting if I'm there too early). But, once my health is back to a good place, I plan to add a yoga class and possibly one other class during the week.

Diana said...

The mirror. lol

Actually, lots of trainer, my friends, my family, Dawn the dietitian, I could go on forever.

A positive mental attitude also helps a ton! :)

kilax said...

I like to make a schedule to stick to - then I have fun crossing off events when I am done! Or, if I've signed up and paid for something, I am more likely to do it too.

I would like to take a class like you are!

Atomic Lola said...

We're doing a Biggest Loser contest at work. The prize is money. I could use some money! That's my motivation! A huge payoff.

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I like having a schedule. While I am down in DC I decided to sign up for a boot camp class that is held 3 times a week (and not expensive) so that I could get into a schedule. I start tomorrow!