Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just a homebody

This weekend was wonderful because there was no crazy running around, no places that we had to be and no trips to the burbs. We stayed in town and did some things that we have been meaning to do. We hit Target and did some grocery shopping. We hung up (OK the husband did the actual hanging but I helped) some Pen and Ink monograms that I got the Hubs as his wedding present and cleaned up!

The two highlights were taking a wire and bead class with Diana We spent a few hours learning how to make earrings using different wire techniques. Then we went shopping and bought beads. I have made two earrings so far (not including the four that I made in class) and have to stop myself because otherwise I will be at the craft stores non-stop and we want to get out of debt so we are watching every penny. Diana and I had so much fun though and are going to take a necklace class next month. I think we have found a new creative outlet.

The second highlight was making these short ribs. For the past few weeks, I have been craving short ribs and asked Restaurant Refugee for a recipe so he posted this one. It was so good, the beef melted in your mouth and the bones fell out when I picked them up. We have enough for one more meal and I am saving the bones for my fall project when I attempt beef stock.

I had a great weekend very low key, uneventful and fun. I had a great time with my girl Diana and it was nice to spend some time at home with our NetFlix account.

So what were your two highlights?


SoMi's Nilsa said...

Camping and unplugging were my two highlights to my weekend out of Chicago. Glad you had fun!

kilax said...

I would love to take a beading class! Some women just make the most beautiful jewelry. I would love to see pics of your creations!

My weekend highlight was being lazy :)

Non Sequitur Chica said...

Mmmm I LOVE short ribs!!!

Christina said...

Nilsa-I am glad tha tyou got to camp in Door county. It was the perfect weekend for that!

Kilas-We are taking another class in October on a Saturday if you are interested. I will be posting some pics soon. Oh and Lazy is good!

Non Sequiter Chica-Make those ribs, they are so good...fall of the bone good!

restaurant refugee said...

I am glad that you liked those short ribs - it is one of my favorite dishes to make.