Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lazy and energy

I have been falling off the wagons….the gym wagon, the blog wagon, the bead wagon. It just seems that I am tired, my body is tired and sometimes I just want to veg out in front of the tube. I think that it means that I need me time. At the same time, I want to get back into the activities that I enjoy.

Regardless, I do force myself out especially if I have prior commitments. So Sunday the Hubs and I went to see U2. It was utterly amazing, the set, the songs the vibe. It was one concert that I did not want to end. It is one of my top concerts that I have ever seen!

Last night, I went to Shecky's girls night out with CBN and J9. We had a lot of fun and the few drinks were loaded, so it took me just one drink and I was done. During the evening, J9 mentioned acupuncture and the energy she gets from it. So I may look into that. I just am not feeling fully charged (no I am not pregnant) but I think part of that is the lack of sleep. My cat has a bad habit of scratching my closet to illicit a response and it wakes me up every single time. I have bought a spray that seems to be working but, from weeks of interrupted sleep takes its toll!

Does anyone have experience with acupuncture to share?

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restaurant refugee said...

I did acupuncture sfsjdkfjsk years ago when I was rehabbing from a college football knee injury. My acupuncturist did more to aid my recovery than any of the staff trainers. I swear by it. I don't know if it improved my energy level specifically, but it damn sure improved my life.