Monday, April 09, 2007

More boxes and a visit from the parental units

So my parents and the dog drove out to visit me. It was a good trip but, we did not really do much. With the move and just the weather (not to mention the drive for them) nobody was in the mood to do much. The gentleman pirate (AKA BF)came over for dinner on Saturday and my parents adore him! I did pack up about 8 more boxes but still have a lot more to do. It does not look like I made much progress until you open one closet and a few drawers in the kitchen.

I did have three apartment showings this weekend and it was a bit weird. I usually try to go out while they are showing but since we had Charlie and he is just nosy and not everyone likes dogs, we stayed. It was hard having people open your cabinets and look in your closets. But I survived and hopefully the place was taken.

I have a new parking idiot who has dinged and scratched my car a total of 3 times already. So they will be getting a nicely crafted note on their windshield today. Don't mess with me buddy!

I am tired....Monday mornings suck!


Jessica said...

Your brand new car is all scratched and dinged up? That's nuts. I'd be so ticked.

Christina said...

Yep, I am pretty po'ed. One more time, I am going to my landlord and insist that they pay up for the car damage.