Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Out out out

Well tomorrow is cyst removal day. I am starting to get nervous but at least I know the whole hospital procedure so that is half the battle. I just want this thing out of me, it is something that needs to go!

I am trying to multi-task and do the things that must get done but, they won't all be done. I am ahead of the game in one class and on the ball with the other. But my apartment is still in shambles and I want to sell my bed before the movers come. More stress!

At least mom will be here tonight (she got a warning not to piss me off) and she can do the packing while I take the good drugs!

Fingers crossed I will be home comfy tomorrow rather than the hospital.


Big Mama said...

O.K. my fingers are crossed... Hope everything comes out good and without issue. I'll be thinking of you.

needsleepbadly said...

Got my fingers crossed too!!

And I hope mom's visit is drama free!! :)

Erin said...

Best of luck! (Mmm, good drugs.)

Jessica said...

Bye bye, cyst.