Tuesday, April 17, 2007

on a scale from 1 to 10

My current state of agony is a 4.

Yesterday was another day in the ER. Yep the ER. I woke up to go to work and had this pain on my right side. I actually thought it was gas but when I went to say bye to the BF, I would not straighten up. It was that bad. I initially thought it was reaction to a prescription that my doctor had me on but then I thought it was appendicitis. So I called another doctor to see if I can see him and sure enough he made time for me.

So the prognosis was either appendicitis or an issue with my ovaries but, if I threw up, got nauseous or had diarrhea I was to go to the ER. So we went to get some soup and apple juice at the supermarket and then i started to dry heave. So off we went

It turns out that i have an ovarian cyst and it is causing the pain. i have another dr, appointment this afternoon so we'll see what can be done. The pain was so bad last night that i could not even cry but rather screamed. The meds did work and I was able to sleep but, the pain is back.

This is not fun.


Jessica said...

Wow, I didn't know an ovarian cyst could be painful. :(

Superstar said...

I was on the pill for 17 years thanks to those damn cysts. I just last year went off, and while in my youth I would be in bed for up to 2 weeks. I now only have a mild cramping, headache, backpain but FAR better in the managing department.
Hope you feel better.
Get some good stuff. Vixocen is your new best friend!

Erin said...

Ouchie!! I've had to go the urgent care and the ER for bad abdominal pain and that was just for IBS. It was so bad I had to have morphine, so I imagine a cyst would not be fun! I hope you got some good drugs.

Christina said...

Yea, today it is a 3, at least it is getting better, I hope that each day get better!

I was on morphine in the ER and they gave me vicodine and then advil or motrin!

They take the edge off!

needsleepbadly said...

Oh no! You poor thing. I hope you're feeling better. :(

Christina said...

Thanks NSB, on my way to recovery!