Monday, April 02, 2007

Packing...the countdown begins...

Well, the packing in earnet has begun, the movers will be at our apartments on April 30. So that gives me plenty of time to pack right? But I must admit that the BF and I have done a lot so far. He is a bit better off than I am but after yesterday we got a few boxes filled and sealed.

On Saturday we celebrated his birthday with a couple's massage at a chic Bucktown salon. Followed by lunch at Feast, then a wander around the neighborhood. We heading back to our stomping ground for ice cream and then we made our first big purchase. We got a mattress! It was decided that the BF's mattress would go to the new apt because it was bigger. But the mattress was old and starting to get uncomfortable. We both woke up on Saturday with lower back issues and then he turned and said "We need a new mattress!"

But buying a new mattress is worse than buying a car. WE were the only two people in the store other than the salesman who, in his defense, left us alone for the first 20 minutes before he started to circle like a vulture. Then came the "deals" the "special offers" etc so we braced ourselves but it wasn't too bad and we got a nice new one that will be delivered to the BF's apt on Saturday!

Saturday night he held court at one of his favorite bars and it was so much fun to hang with his friends. They are really amazing, funny, kind, witty and loyal friends!

Another weeks begins, I already need a nap!

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Jessica said...

Good luck unloading the apartment.