Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When karma attacks

I believe in karma and the whole, what goes around comes around theory in life. Once you see it happen then you know it exists time and time again.

It struck again, not to me but I was able to witness it.

My colleague CLA (chatty lazy ass) had her offer of employment from the new company rescinded due to some inconclusive drug test results and further investigation into her background.

Her excuse for the inconclusive drug results was that she drank too much water and that upset the results. so they gave her a second chance and it happened again! I am not saying that she did anything illegal (or rather consumed anything illegal) it is just that I have never NEVER seen her drink anything that is not cola. Plus, after the first test, she was bragging and laughing about it. the dumb ass even told what would be her new boss all about it. I was thinking to myself "Do you have any sense of self-pride?"

Well after the second inconclusive result, the company looked deeper in her background check and found her felony conviction. A few years she was convicted of child endangerment and is still on probation. Well, she did put that in her application but after the two failed tests it really started to stand out.

So on Friday, the offer was pulled. Earlier in the week she was joking and laughing that if they don't hire her that will be their loss, she wants to take the summer off anyway. Now it is a scary prospect for her.

I do not feel sorry for her, she did it all herself. She has not exactly been the nicest to me and has on many occasions screwed me over. When I was in my car accident and was out for two days, she complained to my friend that I was inconveniencing her since she had to do more work. Remember this is the woman who had the Anna Nicole smith trail streaming on her computer. She has screw me out of vacation time, leaves early, is just mean spirited, has a sense of entitlement and is downright rude, vindictive and mean.

It will be a tough road for her, working at the company for 18 years, with just an HS diploma, 4 kids and making more than her husband.

here are some of her classic info:
Uneven division of labor
Cast of characters


Jessica said...

So do you love "My Name Is Earl" or what? His karma angle is hilarious.

Christina said...

I do watch that now and again. The circus freak show was my favorite

needsleepbadly said...

Aw, man, she SUCKS! You don't deserve that. But I'm with you -- Karma, baby, Karma!! It follows people everywhere... :)

And don't feel sorry for her stupid ass. I can't believe she thinks that people will believe that she failed a drug test due to too much water. That's hilarious. Crazy! She may as well say it was the poppy seed bagel she ate that morning. Duh.

Hang in there. Good things happen to good people like yourself. :)

Christina said...

You are right on Diana!

You reap what you sow and if you are a good person then you get good. She likes to be queen of each day but that makes her a fool for life.