Saturday, July 07, 2007

Don't stand to close to me

The other day, the BF and I went to the Police concert at Wrigley field. That place was packed with people of all ages. The concert was fun, we had a good time and they opened with my favorite song..."Message in a bottle". It was a lot of fun and all the way home I kept humming Police tunes!

So of course I had Friday off and I did something that I have not done in a long time....I took a nap. That is right people I crawled into bed and slept for almost 2 hours in the afternoon! It was weird but soooo nice. But I did spend most of the day cleaning the apartment so it was well deserved.

Today feels like Sunday but it is not (hooray) and we braved 90 degree heat to go to the Taste of Chicago. It is in Grant Park and they have restaurants from all over the city with some of their popular offerings. It was so yummy...I had a Billygoat cheeseburger (From the Saturate night live fame), Italian fries, chocolate covered strawberries, sweet potato salad, a Spanish sandwich that used fried plantains instead of bread, a bite of a pizza and a mojito. It was soooo good. Plus they had special "taste" items that you could try so that is how I ate around the fest. It was hot though and it is good to be in AC!


The Chicago Blogger said...

You had a jibarito! They're sooo bad, but soooo good! :)

Christina said...

Oh my God was it good!!!