Saturday, July 14, 2007

Getting ready to give them a beat down

I am talking about Comcast. They fucking SUCK.

Here is our history with them:
-The first guy they sent to get us up on cable was here for 4 hours and he chained smoked in the alley and was not able to get us all set up. We had to do the Internet ourselves, he could not give us the proper cable box for the tivo.
-The second team of men gave us the same box that the first guy did and it worked. They told us that it would work
-Then our cable went out for a day. They remotely fixed it
-Then our Tivo was not working, so they told me to disconnect it after the cell died.
-The woman who I spoke to decided to send a repair person but did not tell us that he would be coming!
-the Internet died last weekend, our Tivo was acting up again
-They sent someone to work on the Internet and it was working
-Tivo is still acting up

We have had it. i am afraid to go to call Comcast because i will go off on them.

We are calling RCN!


Superstar said...

Comcast has a complaint line that doesn't include a granade?!?!?!
Blow the bastards up!

Christina said...

i know Power to the people!

Jessica said...

But I hear they're totally comcastic! What's the problem?

Christina said...

I know right Jessica!

It is the fact that they are a monopoly and they can get away with it. I mean there are so few players in the field. Plus we don't have much of a choice as to who we can use because we rent.

Aggg the piss me off!