Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Words from an invisible mouth or hear no evil?

Well work has gone from bad to worse. It is not the job per se it is the lack of respect that I am given. Now they are not outright rude to me but when it comes to my customers, I have a certain sense of knowledge, experience and expectations. so when I email a department it is to advise them. But of course the assumption (key word there) is that they will read it and then include me on anything that I need to know about.

do they....nope. Case in point, I sent out this message using the KISS method (which means "keep it simple stupid") and asked for some job to be out the door today. do they do that? nope they send it on Saturday. another case in point, we had this huge test that had to be out and I asked them when if it arrived. Oh no, we don't have it....well we did have it for 10 days, nobody knew where it was or what it was for.

I am at the point where I question every email asking myself how can I make it any more easier than i had.

Then I have this prick of an ass hole who claims that I said something which I never did. I know that product so well that I would NEVER say what he claimed I said. So now, every conversation that I have with regards to that product, I send him an email, cc my boss and his boss.

I mean really people! They are so working my last nerve.

the kicker I got a call from a recruiter yesterday but the job is 40 miles away!

I just can't win!


Jessica said...

Ugh. Sounds stressful. Good luck in the continuing job search.

Erin said...

I definitely think it's wise to keep looking around for something else because it sounds like you're in a really bad place. I had a pretty toxic situation with my old team although not to the degree that you do. But switching to another team in the company resolved that. :)

But it doesn't sound like you should stay in your current environment much longer, regardless.