Saturday, July 28, 2007

Seven things You don't know about me

OK I've been tagged by Another bad hair day

1-I don't admit to it much but I watch reality shows but not the ones like Survivor but more like the ones on VH1. Scott Baio is 45 and single is my newest train wreck of a reality show!

2-I used to live in London. I lived there for a semester in college where I worked and went to class. I lived in Camden town which is and expensive trendy part of London. It is where the Kate Winslet Amex commercial was filmed.

3-I love pasta. Especially when I make my red sauce yum!

4-I have been thinking that the dog needs a pet. Specifically a bunny rabbit, the BF says no....yet! I taunt him with bunny's who need to be adopted emails

5-I decided that i won't be getting the shoes I've been drooling over. My car insurance is due and August gets to be a bit tight money wise for me.

6-I bumped into Yoko Ono , literally. In Strawberry fields in Central Park years ago. she and Sean were walking their dogs

7-I want to spend a month in Italy and just linger and eat throughout the country.

Gosh this was fun!

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Superstar said...

#4 My dog has a fish named "sparky"...She is HORRIBLE at feeding him and she never takes walks....GRRRR damn kids! ~rolls eyes~

#1...OMG I saw the promo on Extra! LOL Scott baio is still a hottie at 45! Who would have guessed?!?!?!