Sunday, September 09, 2007

The dog just farted

Ok I could not really think of a title but man did she let one loose and it is lethal. I swear you can bottle the stench up and it would be more potent than any nuclear bomb!

Anyway, yesterday stated my Saturday classes, I have a total of 9 so one down and 8 to go. I must admit it was not that bad but I do feel cheated because my Saturday is lost for errands and chores abound the house. Today we spent a few hours at the laundry mat and did a few loads but they needed to be done.

I feel like I need a day to get it all do that I wanted to but alas tomorrow is Monday and I have to head to work.

So I have "acquired" a new sales rep, well new for me. My college is going to have a baby any day soon so one of her reps was turned over to me. This woman, (who shall be called "cousin it") is going to drive me fucking nuts. She is honestly a pain in the ass. On a given day, I get at least 20 yep that is right 20 emails a day. She is demanding, whiny, has to get the last word and treats me like I am an idiot. She came in to the office before and paid no attention to me but now that she has to deal with me she came in and was super nice to me....I am very cautious of people like that. I am not looking forward to dealing with her. At least my boss is aware of her tricks so if I am about to lose it I can always go to my boss.

I am not in the mood for her at all tomorrow!


Jessica said...

So when you graduate, are you going to go all Johnny Paycheck on them? (Take this job and shove it! I ain't working here no more...)

Christina said...

I wish! Nah can't do that because uncle Sam is going to be knocking at my door