Monday, September 24, 2007

Magic number...6

Just six weeks to go and then my classes are over. It is killing me, it sucks for me to go to school on Saturday. It is a long day form 7-5 (commute plus class) nad I am really tired. On Sunday it is a mad dash to get all my errands done. Yesterday I have a list of 5; Sephora (check), Visit BF dad (check), Ikea (chek minue...we went to get a book shelf and decided when we were there to not get it beause we did not know exaclty where it would go), look at cats (nope) and work on paper (nope).

Not to mention that during the week we try to get some things like grocery and the rest of the errands that we did not get done over the weekend completed. On top of a full work day and for me homework!

So 6 more classes...I hope I make it!


Superstar said...

GAWD! I just need to finish my 1 class! *giggles*
I am streaching it out WAY too much!

Jessica said...

Hey, you didn't mention housework. Good for you! :)

Christina said...

s~it is hard to believe it is almost over

J~yea that too but it is a given well for the most part

Erin said...

I think you might be a Sephora addict. ;)

I went to Ikea on Sunday too! That place is like a maze. Yeah, we went to different Ikea's but I imagine they're all pretty much set up the same way.