Friday, September 14, 2007

bunnies vs. kitties

Ok, the bf and I are in discussions to add a new member to our little family. The debate is between a bunny or a kitten.

Now here are a few things that are paramount in the decision:

-Yukon is foremost our baby and we don't want to per her nor the pet to be named latter to be in any harm or danger
-We would adopt from a shelter
Here are the pros and cons of each

Bunny Pros:
-cute (I want a dwarf lop ear)
-have unique personalities
-can be litter box trained
-respond and react to commands

Bunny Cons
-litter box gets stinky
-Bunny gets stinky
-bunnies chew, especially cords
-they must be kept out of drafts, so their cage must be strategically placed

Kitten Pro
-have unique personalities
-Yukon is familiar with cats because the bf had two when Yukon was puppy
-can be trained (within reason)

Kitten Cons:
-I am not familiar with cats
-I have no idea where to put the littler box
-Declaw or not to declaw

Ok my blog friends, what do you suggest?


Jessica said...

Bunnies stink. I know you already know this fact, but for me, that's the one factor to override all others.

Anonymous said...


Do not declaw. It's easy to clip their nails when you start when they're kittens.

Put the litter box in the bathroom or laundry room. Always away from their food.

Good luck.

The Chicago Blogger said...

Cat! :) Cute, cuddly and way more personality. And not as stinky as bunnies, that's for sure! :)

Superstar said...

I am with the cat on that subject. Then again, I am not a big "bunny" kind of farm girl.