Thursday, November 01, 2007

No earrings

I forgot earrings today! I noticed when I came into work and I feel so "naked" without them. It is the same way with my watch, when it is not working or if I forgot it I feel so sxposed.

I can't leave the house without keys, my cell, my wallet my watch and earrings. I can be such a girly girl.

Meanwhile I am making cupcakes tomorrow for Saturday's Turducken dinner. I am making Chocolate raspberry cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. I may have to try one or two...hey I can't have unsavory desserts out there!


Superstar said...

I actually will get out of my car and go back into the house...I have to have my jewlery...The watch I lived without...

I know what you mean...Yesterday I didn't take a lunch, as we had a catered event...I felt strange!!!

Amber said...

Mmmm! Your cupcakes sounds really good. Can I have one? Pwetty pwease? :)

I totally know what you mean by feeling "naked" when you walk out the door without certain things. I especially hate it when you just KNOW there's something you've forgotten, but you can't put your finger on what it is until you're already where you were going and THEN you remember.

My brain has such convenient timing!

Christina said...

S-It is so crazy in the morning with the two beasts it is amazing that I don't come in with two different shoes!

A-Yep, I know what you mean you are 10 miles away and then it hits yA