Friday, January 25, 2008

Beast 2

The cat has been a dad's boy lately. The BF has woken up with the cat sitting on his head, licking his feet or pawing his back. However, the latest thing is the cat to sit on his nightstand and knock everything off until he gets comfy. Of course this is in the middle of the night which startles the BF and ultimately me.

Cute, but not so much at 2 or 3 in the morning.

He has been sprayed with water when he jumps on the dining room table. At first he was startled like "what the heck, where did that come from" He would look at the table and the floor and then table again. When he realized it was either his dad or me he would sulk and be aloof with us for about an hour.

His new thing is to meow at me first thing in the morning. The BF gets up before me and the kitty goes to the bathroom with him. We keep his food, water and litter box in there otherwise it would be a feast for Yukon! As soon as he hears my alarm he zooms back in the bedroom and meows at me for me to feed him or turn on the bathroom faucet so he can have a drink (he snubs his water dish unless it is absolute necessary). He does not do this with his dad partly because the BF refuses to cater to the drinking out of the faucet trick. Well the meowing for food has gotten so bad, he meows as he follows you to the bathroom. The BF could not take it yesterday so he fed him before I got up. Other wise I stumble into the bathroom, feed beast 2 and he'll eat a few bites!

Yukon and him are getting along, less swatting but Yukon's tail does smack into him when she is too close. He watches it like a hawk and if it gets too close he'll jump away from it or hit her.

They are perpetual two year olds!

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