Thursday, January 24, 2008

Being professional

My manager hired a new person to start in another department. This young woman (she must have been 22) started on Monday and my boss was thrilled because that department is understaffed and it is a very niche job to do. Well this woman went out for lunch on Monday and never came back.

My boss was frantic because she was thinking was this girl in an accident, is she lost? My boss called her on her cell phone, her home phone and then called the girls mother (she lived at home) no answer. Apparently she quit.

Come on, I know the job may not have been what you wanted but you could have waited until the end of the day and then tell my boss that it is not for you and you are sorry but you are leaving. Where is the element of professionalism.

In speaking to friends this has happened to many of them. One of the BF's friends store hired a mutual friend girlfriend. She showed up late often and did her job half assed. One day she never came back not saying a peep to anyone including the person who recommended her. But she wanted her check so she called the boss and asked her to mail it. The boss would not do it, she had to go in and get it from the boss.

Hey I know not all jobs fit or seem right but at least do it in a decent way.

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Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

We hired a receptionist (before Knucklehead #2) who came in for two interviews, was all excited to come work for us, and on her first day, never bothered to show up.

Knucklehead #1 was convinced she was in an accident or something and called her cell, her house, etc numerous times until I was finally able to convince her that this girl was a loser and was too afraid to call and say that she didn't want the job afterall.

Although that whole scenario turned into a good thing. I got me a new knucklehead and lately, she's been impressing the crap out of me. :)