Thursday, January 17, 2008

Ring damn it! Ring!!!

I feel like I am dating again, going on a good date and then waiting for him to call. But it is not about dating it is about my job future, I was told that the week of the 7th I should have some news, then I did not hear anything until last Friday. What I heard was that this week Is should get some news and a phone call. Neither which has happened yet.

Every time my phone rings and I check the caller id hoping that it is the person who I need to speak to. It has not happened yet.

I am very anxious and disappointed because this is my job and after earning my MBA I want more money and a different position. So I am getting very impatient!

These boots may have to start walking soon.


Jessica said...

Queue Sinatra ('cuz Simpson just don't cut it).

Anonymous said...


Waiting for these like that make the wait even longer.

Good luck girl!

Superstar said...

It has always amaze me how searching for a job is much like dating. The whole hurry up and wait.

Best advice is to get busy and keep your eyes and ears open for other opportunities too.