Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Of gyms and bakeries

Well I have to go to the gym tonight. We are trying to go twice a week and were talking about adding a day so that we will go three times a week. But have not made it to that point yet.

I must say my trainer is awesome and this Saturday will be my last session. I am going to try it on my own for a month then meet up with her again and have a check up. She has been keeping me active and not bored. I usually get very bored doing the same thing. She has taught me different exercises that I can vary and change up so that helps. although she makes me do sprints and I HATE sprints. It reminds me of grade school gym class! I shudder at the thought!

I have not noticed a difference per se but these things do take time. Plus the Y is near Dinkles Bakery and well after the last work out we were hungry and it was right there. They have the best donuts, my fav is the jelly...but I was good I had a glazed one....followed by the chocolate covered one....I was bad. (I guess I forgot to mention the cookies...but I had them on Monday)

New rule, go home do not pass dinkles!

But we have Whole Foods next to the Y but I tend to buy fruit there as well as some minor groceries. Basically, we should not go food shopping after a work out when I am hungry!

On the flip side, I wanted to wear a pair of pants that I bought years ago and forgot I had and they did not make it past the arse. Maybe adding the extra day will help that and not eating Dinkles.

But who in their right mind puts a gym near a bakery!!! That is one question to ponder!

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