Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend warrior princess

Moving is not fun. This weekend we spent a good portion of time at the old apartment cleaning, throwing out garbage and packing the car with the random things we left behind. Since we lived on the third floor it was a lot of stair climbing. We had so much to do that it physically and mentally wore me out. Then we got to the condo and there are mounds of boxes left to be unpacked. Only one was unpacked!

Yesterday, we went to the BF's niece's 5th birthday and there is nothing like about 15 sugar fueled kids who descend on the gifts like sharks to chum. It was a frenzy. Of course the man who married my BF's sister (the BF does not like to call him his brother in law for many justifiable reasons) made an obnoxious comment to me that in essence told me that he will remember my name when there is a ring on my finger. He has this habit of calling me Christine and does not see a problem with it. I was so pissed with his comment because the BF and I have been together for almost 2 years, we purchased a home for us, we don't owe him any explanations and he is an ass hole. I know that it is coming but we are stuck together because we want to be and one day we'll make it legal.

I should have told him what the BF tells people when they ask about "the ring"...I have to wait for the divorce to be final and break it off with the mistress.

That would have shut him up!

Oh and doing the laundry with a fake diamond tiara is really cool!


Amber said...

You know... he really IS an asshole. And if I were you, I would have looked at him, arched an eyebrow, and remarked casually, "100 Million Sperm and YOU'RE the one that made it." Then shake your head a little and wander off, sipping at your drink.

Now that is K-L-A-S-S-Y, right?! :)

(Seriously though, I'm sorry he made such an ignorant remark!)

And DUDE! Doing the laundry on with a fake princess tiara totally DOES rock!!! Too bad I didn't live closer or we could go to the bar with them, too :D. I'm so glad someone else FINALLY gets it!

Diana said...

The world is full of jerks. Too bad you've one in your not-too-extended family. Snide remarks are always fun, but where's the BF's sister in all this? She ought to make a stand.

Time to start calling the un-BIL some sort of perversion of his name to his face, unless you already do that.

Christina said...

I have been privy to his countless un couth remarks. We just make snide remarks about his "art" and character.

Slick said...

The man needed a bitch slap...that's all.

I feel for ya on the moving thing, but I'm sure I was busy when you actually needed the help. SOrry :p

Superstar said...

~puts hand on hip~
sounds like BF B-in-law has zero class and I wouldn't put a moment's more thought in that TPT comments...(Trailer Park Trash)

I have some good drugs that have really mellowed me RIGHT out...hehhehe
~dangles RX~
they really help in uptight, overjudgmental situations like that...heheheh

OH, where did your nieces have the party? Mine was at the bounce place...~rolls eyes~ Lets just say that the girls slept ALL night!

Teriana said...

I'm sure you'll have many more chances to make a comment when he acts like a d!ck. In fact, here's one you can use: Be quiet! If I wanted to hear an asshole I'd fart.

I was soooo sore after my first big move. It took me nearly 7 hours to get everything in the living room. Just in the living room. Not even up the stairs to my bedroom. That came a few days later after I rested and my muscles stopped screaming at me.