Thursday, November 13, 2008

Muse droppings

Just a random kind of day

-Maryland is a nice state, I was there yesterday for a meeting for a few hours.
-O'Hare sucks
-Guacamole and chips for dinner is not a bad thing
-The BF and I make killer cookies
-Having a cat sleep on your head is better than having the cat scratch the walls
-Sleep is never overrated
-One more boot camp left to go
-Watching "Purity balls" on TLC last night freaked us out. The BF thought it was going to be an infomercial on some type of product that turns things pure.
-The office and 30 rock are on tonight…whew
-Hearing that I may have a dedicated staff to work on my project...AWESOMENESS
-We kind of set a date....sort of (more to follow)


comebacknikki said...

Actually, there are two more classes! :)

Guacamole and chips = good for ANY meal!

Christina said...

Actually, for me this weekend is the last class. I need to do some things next Sat before we head out for T'giving.

Slick said... two couldn't touch the cookies I make.

And I ain't bragging, kind of.

Hell, I want a staff of my own! A staff of workers that is.

You lucky girl...

comebacknikki said...

Whatever. You suck.