Thursday, November 06, 2008

So you got a secret

The purpose of having a blog is to write, write about your ideas, thoughts, opinions, etc. but once people start to read your blog, do you limit yourself? Do you want to share a secret but don't because people know you or your secret is out of the norm of your everday writing?

Here is your chance, Nilsa over at New Somi is organizing a blog swap, the idea is that you would write your secret, send it to her and on a designated day, your secret will be posted on someone else's blog. Your blog will post someone else's secret.

So you can get whatever you really wanted to say off of your chest!

I am going to participate.

Here is how you can too.


Nilsa said...

Awesome, girl! Let me know if there are any questions! It's gonna be fun. Are you ready to host someone else's post??? =)

Jessica said...

Sounds like fun.

Superstar said...

I made the mistake of telling my BF about my blog. I find that I am much more reserved about WHAT I say about him...LOL

Perhaps I need a new location...hehehehe