Friday, February 20, 2009

Random conversations

I have been talking with my best friend who is my matron of honor lately and here are some fun snippets....

MR-Why are they (her hubby/men in general) crazy
Me-It is in the chromosomes
MR-I guess
Me-Well Crazy has a Y in it, there is no X
MR-(Laughs) where did you hear that one
Me-I made it up
MR-It is so funny and true, I am so going to use it!

After a discussion about having a bridal shower, she was going to send an email to the bridesmaids. We hang up she calls me back

MR-Ok, you have six bridesmaids right?
MR-why do I only have five email addresses
MR-Oh that is right, me. never mind
Me-Hysterical laughing

That is what friends are for!


SoMi's Nilsa said...

*These* are the snippets you should remember. The FUN parts of planning a wedding. I can't begin to tell you how I felt infinitely closer to my gals during the year leading up to my nuptials. Friendships like those are priceless!

Christina said...

She and some of the others have been such shoulders during some crazy moments. That is why I love them!

Kaylen said...

Ha - that is hilarious! I love the five email comment.

Friends with comments like that are the best!! Keep her! :)

Superstar said...



I agree, those are the parts that you remind each other of when the cake isn't the right flavor...or the Bridesmaid dresses are the wrong shade!