Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A future in law

My father in law to be is just awesome. He is smart, witty, sarcastic, warm and on top of any game. He has a very methodical but creative way of developing solutions.

This weekend we went to his house for a BBQ with the BF's bro and fiancé. During the course of the afternoon. J and I were dishing on our favorite guilty pleasure. The Real housewives of (insert city). Now it is NJ and it is such a train wreck and we love it.

Not one to be behind the times. he was puzzled about this show, he sent the following email to the BF who then sent it to me and I have to share:

"Intrigued by your discussions on Saturday, I have just tuned into "Real Housewives of Atlanta". WOW! Talk about Tramp Camp !I'm going to become a faithful fan.

It will even displace Dog the Bounty Hunter from topping my list of favs

This is why he is awesome.


SoMi's Nilsa said...

I really think I just might be horrified if my father watched Real Housewives. By, my FIL? Oh yeah, I could definitely see him getting a chuckle out of it (though I doubt he actually watches it!).

kilax said...

Ha ha! What a great sense of humor! I wish all in-laws were that easy-going ;)

Diana said...

I just started watching RHW of NJ...omg I love it! It has a whole Sopranos feel to it. Caroline scares me!! lol