Monday, June 01, 2009

how many days?

The wedding tasks have come back in earnest but, it is a good thing. We got our lovely invitations last week so yesterday was "invitation lockdown". We spend most of the day working on them and getting them ready to go out. So today I have to go and get the postage and finish them up to post them (can you tell I lived in London?) tomorrow. I am so pleased with them and can't wait to check them off our list!

We spent all of Saturday at our pre-Cana session. We were expecting it to be full of religion but it was not, it was based around the premise how well do you know your partner and identifying the areas where you need to talk or where you differ. So it was interesting and we both came out of it feeling satisfied that it was useful. So with that piece of paper we are one step closer to getting married.

Saturday night we went to a concert at the Chicago theater given by the members of Spinal Tap. It was a lot of fun but made for a late night and a long day.

It is 60 days people, 60! Why does that number freak me out??

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