Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Round n round!

Life, such is the merry go round. I am so tired so bullets will have to do:

-The BF's brother is hoping to be released today, all the tests came back negative and he is now on a series of drugs for up to 6 months to help. He was to be released yesterday but they had calabrate the meds. He has been in good and sarcastic spirits and his fiancé deserves an award for all the things she has done for him and the family. We've visited him every day and we know that it was much appreciated.

-My condo is a disaster area (see above). It would not matter but the BF is heading out of town this weekend and my friend is staying with me for a few days. Tonight and tomorrow are "operation clean".

-We got our sideboard, looks great. Now we have extra furniture that we have to get rid off/sell/give away. I don't want to toss them.

-Our hotel in Paris canceled our reservations because they are renovating the hotel. so they re-booked us at this crappy place and I am not happy about it. So now the craziness begins. And caused some emotional eating for lunch yesterday.

The fun never stops but, all in all we are glad that the BF's bro is doing better and that is all that really matters!

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Jessica said...

I vote for "give away." Getting rid of or selling furniture immediately brings up thoughts of Craigslist, and let's face it, Craigslist somehow manages to be total awesomeness and hair-pulling annoyance all rolled into one. So do yourself a favor and give the furniture away. Focus on dealing with French bastards who booked you at the shitty hotel. That will be annoying and stressful enough.