Monday, June 08, 2009

Nothing a nap can't fix

It was a good and busy weekend for us in Chi town. We did a lot of things but were not overwhelmed. The BF is recovering from his work trip so we kept things low key on Friday.

Saturday I was woken up early (well for me anyway) because somebody accidental placed his i-phone in his cup of water. So a string of profanity woke me up. The phone was fine but I was up, so I got up for the day. We ended up grabbing a bite then headed home where I took a nap. We have been wanting to see UP since we are big Pixar fans so we went to see a show. Later at night we went to a birthday party only to come home an hour an half later tired.

Yesterday, we met Jessica, her husband and her son at the Field. She was in town for a conference and through FB, I found out that she was in Chicago. It was great to meet another blogger and her fam.

I have a short week ahead of me, I am heading home for my bridal shower this weekend. Time is really starting to fly or at least seemingly so!

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Jessica said...

It was great meeting you! Still kicking myself for not sending the tired child and his father back to the hotel so that we could spend more time together. As usual, didn't think of it until too late. :( Maybe next year. I want to try to go back to that conference again...