Monday, June 22, 2009

Lemonaide...and lemons

The past few days have been a hazy reminder of how good things can be stopped short by an unexpected dose of reality.

Things have been going really well on the wedding planning front. We asked the BF's niece to be a junior bridesmaid (I told her mom the whole story which involved my soon to be ex sister in law backing out of the wedding) and she is very excited. Her first question was what she was to do with her hair. We are going to pair her up with her favorite uncle so that sweetened the deal! We are so happy she will participate. The BF also picked up his groomsman gifts and started to get ready for his trip this coming weekend.

On Saturday, I was getting ready for a facial when I got a text from the BF, it was a text to call him immediately after the facial. Of course, that is never a good thing so I called and it turned out his brother was in the hospital. So after an hour of pampering I headed to the hospital. His brother was in his room and was not looking that good but the prognosis was better and they are working on getting him back on his feet. So most of Saturday and yesterday we were in the hospital hanging out with him, his finance and his dad. We know he will be ok since yesterday he was sarcastic, surly and funny, so he is back. Plus his color has returned. Today they are planning another test to rule out a few more things and he should be home tomorrow.

So we did not get part of our honey do list but we spent the weekend with family and when the chips are down, we will always pull together.

Unless you are one of the future brother in law's who I seriously want to hit….more on that later.


Jessica said...

That's scary. Hope they figure out what's wrong with him.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

Sometimes, taking a moment to reflect on what is right in the world is what we all need. That honeydew list will be there tomorrow. Glad you chose to spend time with family instead.

kilax said...

Poor guy! I hope everything turns out okay for your future BiL. Well, both of them...? :P

Non Sequitur Chica said...

I hope everything is okay!!