Friday, August 03, 2007

taking back the night

I meant to write about this last week but did not get the time....

Last week NPR had a two part series about Native American women. Native American women have a greater percentage of being raped than any other type of women in the U.S. want to know why, because if the rape happens outside of Indian territory, the Native American police can't arrest the perpetrator. So men rape women when they know that they are out of the territory. As such many women don't even report the rape because they know that the "white" police hesitate to get involved with the Indian Nations partly because of skepticism and partly due to the federal laws with regards to Indian territory.

They interviewed the police chief in a native community and he was saying how hard it is for them because they want to help their community but they feel so helpless. In one case the woman called the police telling them that she was raped and the guy was hiding in her closet. The Indian police department and the "White" police were outside her home arguing over where the territory line was and was the man who raped her on the "white" side or native side. They had to let the motherfucker go!

I was so enraged! Every time I hear about how women get sexually assaulted it just breaks my heart. I lost count of how many women I know who were sexually assaulted. I believe that the count is 1 in 3.

I just don't know what to think! Females in this country and world are living their lives and are assaulted as a means of violence. Those are women who had a part of them taken away from them in so many ways. It just upsets heart goes out to all women (and men out there) who have had to go through a horrible crime.

Tonight when you look at the stars, the sun and the moon~part of the religion for many native American societies~please send them a message of hope and sisterhood.

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