Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Auntie Em, Auntie Em....

Yep, there was yet another tornado spotted today but it was dangerously close to the office. So apparently the siren rang and we were all herded into the interior lunch room. We all sat there mumbling about how stupid this is because there are no windows in the area where we work, it was an hour and half before quitting time, we had stuff to do and the obligatory because we can.

We were out of there 5 minutes later.

I am not used to tornadoes, they were extremely rare when I was a wee lass. Yet, we did have one a few years ago, it knocked a big branch from a teen in the back yard to the middle of the front yard. but other than knocking out a few traffic lines it was relatively minor.

Here it is not taken so lightly, it is a real source of fear and panic.

I am not used to that....

Plus if it hits, and I see a house on a pair of ruby red shoes...they are probably not in my size anyway

UPDATE: the tornado that hit NYC in Brooklyn was just blocks away from my old apartment!

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