Sunday, August 12, 2007


We went out to West bumblefuck in the burbs to my bf's niece's birthday party. So pretty much it was a bunch of kids and their suburban parents. Here are just some snippets of conversations:

Mom-So my kids teacher called me in to tel me that she suspects that my child is dyslexic. I told her that it is because she can't teach!
Other Parent-God I hate when they blame their own failures on our kids

G-So the neighbor died, had a heart attack at his grandson's birthday party. I saw his daughter today and offered to give her the obituary that was in the paper, she did not want it for some reason.

Parent-If you don't eat your pizza you can only have the cake no ice cream!

All the parents at one point-Hey did anyone see my kid? (then the mad search begins)

When the birthday girl was blowing out her candles:
Her father-Wish for a baby brother!
(side note he does this all the time! He has 3 girls but wants a son)

Let's just say...I am glad to be back in civilization!


Jessica said...

Hmmm, I'm really loving the eat-your-pizza-or-no-ice-cream threat.

Just Another Bad Hair Day said...

Oh my my my...welcome back to the real world! Kid parties are SO much fun for the singletons! I avoid them like the plague.

I'd rather watch paint dry than have some rug rat nipping at my heels and asking me stupid questions -- why don't you have kids? why aren't you married? what did you bring me? why are you so fat? WTF??

And I'm staying out of West Bumblefuck -- that place is scary! lol :)~

PS: I took Mom to Andie's on Saturday...she looooved it! I had the chicken spinach crepes...ay caramba! Muy bueno! ;)

Superstar said...

Unless it's my own nieces I don't go to the Mombot/festivities anymore. I sit there thinking, this is a waste of my time, and I am so green with envy that I can't even think straight!