Monday, August 20, 2007

Two days my ass!

Who decided that when there are weekend that it should be just 2 days. I mean seriously, just as you get your groove on and your stress level has decreased, i tis Sunday and you have to go back to work so the stress starts to rise.

It seems that I sleep so well on Friday nights but when Sunday nights come around, I just sleep so poorly. either I have weird dreams, or I toss and turn or I wake up every hour to see what time it is. It is annoying.

This weekend it poured and I mean poured. There was no sun and just grey skies all over the place. On top of that it was the Air and Water show, which is a nice summer even in Chicago. Basically, they have speedboats, water skiers, jet ski stunts on the lake in the morning. In the afternoon they have an air show which fighter planes, and biplanes. The fighter planes basically fly at maximum speed in some areas so that means that it is loud, the sound barrier is broken and no matter where you are you can hear them. So the weather apparently put a damper on the events. Not that we went but we were privy to the noise and an occasional plane sighting. We heard them more than we saw them

I was so lazy this weekend. I have a final on Thursday and did not prepare. So now I have to hussle...just two more classes!

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Jessica said...

I wish I could've traded our beautiful weather for your rain. Yes, it's gorgeous here, but it's so dry. There's a burning ban over the entire state, and a wildfire has been burning for days in the U.P. Our garden is sick. :(