Wednesday, August 22, 2007

GF may I

The BF has a new video game toy. I was not too keen on it actually because I see them as wastes of time and they just don't make any sense to me. But it was his money and his time so he did get it. After much debate, my fears were that he would spend hours trying to defend the Lego warlock pinata against the evil dragon goddess superball (or whatever) that the house chores would end up being my responsibility. Now to be fair, he does do a fair share of chores around the house but there was a few occasions when I came home late from school after a hellishly long commute and there was a bunch of chores to be done so it made for a long night for me (and added to my crankiness).

But we talked about it and he knows where I stand in regards to his gaming and I know how it fits into his life (as a stress relief, get your mind off of work scenario). So he got the game and its components over the weekend.

He has been very good with the chores especially yesterday! He did so much that was a huge help.
Now that school is winding down, I can also contribute a bit more each day so that they can be split a bit more evenly and he can go defend the alternate universe galaxy space war craft or whatever....

My chore for tonight, go through the clothes that made the closet bar fall down oh and study for my

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Jessica said...

I'm totally addicted to Civilization II. Fortunately, I lost my disc during the move, and I can't figure out the crack to get it to play without the disc. I will play that stupid game for hours and hours. Stuff like that is for people w/o children. So tell the darling BF to enjoy it now, b/c someday he's going to have to give it up. :)