Thursday, August 16, 2007


This week has been somewhat of a blur with so much things going on for the two of us. I am already pooped and we have not gotten to our weekend plans yet!

I have a group presentation for class tonight and the prof is a stickler for time so we had to review what we prepared on Tuesday after calss. After watching the first group it was imperative that we make sure we are on the top of our game. so I did not leave DU until 10:30. then the Red line was not running north bound so I had to take the Brown line which took forever. But the BF was sweet and met me at the EL stop so we can walk home together.

The BF has been attending an off site meeting so he has been schlepping up further north and then the meetings run overtime. So yesterday he got home much later than he wanted. But, his friend was dowm from WI visiting so I entertained him and plied him with booze until the BF came home. We then went out to eat and hit a bar for their friend's birthday. I bowed out early because I had to get my ass here at 7.

Tomorrow is another b'day party as is Saturday (pending confirmation).

This girl needs her sleep and to study and to clean the apt and to go shopping and to get a pedi and to get the eyebrows waxed.

I need a clone


Jessica said...

Clean dwellings are overrated.

Superstar said...

Careful what you wish for...My aunt H asked to duplicate herself...and she ended up prego w/ twins!!!!