Monday, March 16, 2009

Legs of a gazelle

I am not sure what part of my body hurts more, my legs or my abs! Why you ask, well it is because yesterday I took my first Pilates class at the gym. It was a beginning/intermediate class and I was the only newbie. the instructor was really awesome and keep checking on me and correcting my posture. Apparently I did really well for a beginner. She told me after class that she could tell that I did yoga before. My trainer also used to incorporate some Pilates moves into our weekly exercise so I was familiar with a few moves.

As class was ending my legs were killing me and this morning my abs began to feel the burn. I will be heading to the gym tomorrow but I am unsure if I should take a muscle conditioning class or another Pilates class. I figure if I take a Pilates class on Sundays then I can take another class during the week I am also considering taking zumba. What do you think? Should I just take Pilates of should I mix it up. I especially want to define my abs, back and arms.

On Friday, the BF and I met with the priest who will be marrying us. It was a nice experience because we were expecting to have somewhat of a serious and judgmental meeting but the priest was very liberal and laid back. I have heard horror stories of couples who lived together and the priest lectured them and even threatened not to perform the wedding unless they mend their ways. No such luck with us! He was very cool and it was a pleasant time. We have to pick our readings and some of them are a dozy, they run the gammit from love and respect each other to the wife is subservient to the husband. One of the readings is from the Song of Songs in the Old Testament and refers to My love is like a gazelle or a young stag. which had us both in giggles because we are going to ask our godparents to do the readings and we can't imagine the BF's aunt referring him as a stag.

We also were pleasantly surprised on the music selections. We can walk down the aisle to a secular song. I was thinking about using "Songbird" by Eva Cassidy as an option. Ideally, I would like to mimic the wedding scene in "Love Actually" however, I don't think that will work! What other love songs do you think would work. We would have to run them by the music director first though.


Anonymous said...

Oh the stag passage! We chose not to use that one because we were CERTAIN we would dissolve into fits of giggles if we heard it read out loud.

And you're so good with pilates! I am not a pilates star. Apparently my body likes being misaligned, and when I try to correct the alignment, THAT'S when it starts to get grouchy with me.

SoMi's Nilsa said...

I had to do that gazelle reading at one of my friend's weddings. I think she gave it to me as a test to see if I'd giggle in church.

I'm no help in the music department as we chose to walk down the aisle to traditional Spanish music.

kilax said...

Pilates looks so tough to me! No wonder your body is killing you today! I have heard zumba is SO FUN! Let me know if you try it.

I am so bad with music. We had traditional at our wedding. Then when we walked down the aisle as "man and wife" we played Star Wars music. Ha ha ha.

Kaylen said...

oh love is like a stag. How very meaningful. :)

I like the idea of nontraditional music. Like just a soft guitar piece.

Or anything by Jason Mraz cause I adore him.

Christina said...

Yep, we have decided to skip the stag passage. I would not be able to keep a straight face.

I think I am going to try Zumba this week, Kilax. I will let you know how it goes.

We are thinking of walking out of the church to "all you need is love". Jason Mraz will be used elsewhere for sure!