Monday, March 30, 2009

Not ever long enough!

This weekend reinforces the idea that two days is just sometimes not long enough. It did not help that the weather was less than stellar and that yesterday we got snow. Bloody crappy wet snow!

Some highlights:

I took the BF out to dinner for an early birthday celebration. He wanted steak and that is what he got. It was a nice very nice dinner and the dessert was so good. We got there early so that we could find parking near the house on our way home. We were so stuffed and when we got home, we just vegged out. We did turn off a few lights for earth hour.

Yesterday after running a few errands, we went to a tasting tour. Our Rogers Park neighborhood had a tasting tour of 16 local restaurants in many different locations. We made it to about 9 restaurants before we gave up because we were stuffed and tired. We found some really nice new places and got to try a number of new things. I even found a new favorite wine a vino verde from Portugal.

It was a food filled weekend. But we also did a lot of walking so hopefully that made up for me missing Pilates yesterday. No matter, tomorrow is my muscle definition class.

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Kaylen said...

I love the neighborhood testing idea!! I wish something like that would happen around here--I am always afraid to try new restaurants because I hate hate hate spending my money on a place I find I didn't really enjoy that much...