Monday, October 23, 2006

Nap time???

I am so sleepy. The BF and I did not sleep well last night. We both were tossing and turning and were hot one second and cold the next. Of course after the snooze button is pressed, we are comfy and are out cold for the next 9 minutes. Yukon was not happy to see me get ready to go to work, she was herding me to make me go back to bed. I think she thought "Why are you leaving?" Poor thing, it was cute.

Yesterday I napped and napped and napped. I don't understand it, we grabbed breakfast, went to Walgreens (which by the way, was not in any order, it was so weird) and headed back to the apartment where I slept for almost two hours. The BF think that it is the time change and he could be right.

Anyway, last night I made my stuffed meatloaf and it was yummy. But tonight I have to head to school for a group meeting and start the next project. Tomorrow is going to be a long early day for me.

I have one more unused vacation day and I am thinking about using it!


Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait!

You can stuff meatloaf?!?!

wtf.... where have I been? Living in a cave? Oh... wait, I do. :-D Hurray for Miss C's stuffed meaty loaves!

Christina said...

Well when you come visit us in Chicago...I will make it just for you!