Friday, October 20, 2006

Total Eclipse of Heart

Ok, so I had another weird dream (was it the hot chocolate that I had last night....I can't give it up)

So in my dream I met a guy who I started developing a business with, he was a wee bit shady yet strangely familiar. Apparently, he and I wrote the song "Total Eclipse of the Heart" back in the 80's (I was apparently a prolific writer as a tot). However, when that song won a Grammy (which it did not in reality), he would not share it with me. Yet, I could not recall this due to my young age but I felt that it was true. So I asked for my Grammy but he would not give it to me. So I started to spy on him and he lived near this fake canal and I befriend his 3rd wife. Well she gave me a box of junk and inside were a few Grammy's including best songwriters and best song and had my name scratched off of it. There was another Grammy but the top part was cut off and he had etched on it "World's best dad" or something like that. All the awards were broken in on way shape or form. But I took one anyway and when he found out about it he got upset and tried to intimidate be but failed due to his physical limitations....he was in his 50s, wearing black and he gave up and let me have my Grammy.

Ok can anyone explain what the hell this means? But I must admit, I woke up bemused and befuddled!

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