Monday, October 02, 2006

Sleep, sleep is good

We are back from Vegas. We got in yesterday night after a long trip. At least the airport in Vegas was a lot easier to get through and we had an uneventful flight but I was so tired that i pooped out on the plane.

Saturday the wonderful boyfriend and I walked and gambled at different hotels and casinos. We left and headed to Ceasar's Palace and walked all around the forum and the casino. We then headed to lunch at the Pink Taco at the Hard Rock. It was one of the best enchaladas that I've ever had. We suspect that we sat next to a musician but we could not figure out who it was. We also walked around the stores and then headed to New York, New York. There we tired our hand at gamveling. I found my Black Jack. I won a whole dollar, I fall!! After we made our contribution, we went to Excalabur and the Luxor. Then headed back to get ready for the wedding.

Before the wedding I got cranky. My contact lenses were killing me due to the dry heat and the tons of smoke and my feet were killing me. So we ventured to find eye drops at the vientian but they did not sell eye drops for contacts nor do they sell saline solution! So we went to Treasure Island and thankfully they had them! But I was whiny and the GP was so patient with me. We went to have drinks at the Vientian before the wedding.

The wedding itself was nice. J9 and TS got married on the bridge in "St. Mark's Square". It was nice but in the middle of a shopping area over a "canal". So there were tons of tourists and gawkers. Afterwards, dinner was in a pricate room at a resturant called Cantanello's. It was lovely and a nice dinner. The fresco was painted to mimick the sky at dawn so it really began to mess with our heads. It was 11 pm and yet it looked like it was the middle of the morning. After midnight, the party continued but GP and I were pooped that we headed back to the hotel room and plopped out.

Yesterday we woke up ate, packed and headed home.

We slept so well and today we went to pick up the pup and then I headed back to my apartment. I had to study for my economic mid term. So I have done that and will review again shortly.

I need a nice long bath and sleep. But it was a great trip and I so adore my bf.

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