Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Uneven division of labor

I was wondering why, I seem to be handling more than my half of general duties and why my CLA (cranky lazy ass) has not been answering the door nor pulling her weight. I passed her desk and she is watching the Anna Nicole Trial live on her computer.

I have to put ice on my head after banging it against my desk.


Superstar said...

~interlocks fingers and streaches~
OH MY GAWD! This is so what I used to have to deal with in "corporate America"...May I???

I offer a couple of "remedies" to your situation.
#1. Please refer back to a book called: Monkey Management...Basically teaching co-workers to "keep" thier own "monkeys" and keep them from "passing it to you"...(division of labor issue)
2. Is WHO m oved my cheese. Both books discuss the current trend that PLAGUES Americans in the "cubical" world. All the admins pushing and pawning off the responsibilities to others...
~shakes head~
After those 2 books I was a WHOLE new person! ;o)

That and remind others that "theor failure to plan is not YOUR emergency!"

Let me know!

Christina said...

I was actually going to chat with her about that this morning. As I was driving in I was getting all ready to confront her....then I heard she called in sick!

Well it is a good thing, I had a few rubber bands with paperclips poised ready to go...