Tuesday, May 22, 2007

17 years and a week or so

Well all over the news this week is the fact that the 17 year Cicadas are going to emerge from there underground homes to get it on all over Chicago land.

That is right, as you walk down the street you are going to hear bugs going at it with mini bug songs blasting from bug boom boxes. Yep there will be Barry White, Bolero, Marvin Gaye all over the city in bug tones of course.

So they are coming and it will be loud and there will be disgusting crunch sounds as I walk down the street. The BF said something about dog and they are not poisonous (it grossed me out so I blocked it from my memory.)

At least we only go through this every 17 years...which by that time I will have scrapped the last of the bug bodies off of my car.

Did I mention I am not fond of bugs?


Superstar said...

EWWW I do NOT like bugs... ANY KINDS

When I was a Soical Worker, part of my job was to go to people's homes and do a case review/home visit 1x per quarter.
I walked into a house and the carpet "crunched" *shivers*
I later found out that the reason was there were bugs (raoches) under it...~scratches arms~
I soon retired my hat as a social worker...and further my dislike of public restrooms.
~sprays ant/raoch spray~

Erin said...

Nasty. And they leave their shells everywhere. I just realized that here in California there is no loud summer bug buzzzzzz noise like there is in the midwest. I don't miss that noise. But I do miss the thunderstorms.

Christina said...

Superstar-I am so with you on that ron....roaches are the worst! Ick they freak me out!

Erin, i will send you some thunderstorms if you will take some of the cicadas....deal?

Jessica said...

That sounds horrific. Thank god they don't live around here.