Thursday, May 31, 2007


I realised that I haven't blogged in days! I really miss blogging at work it was just my downtime but alas the company Internet usage policy specifically mentions blogs....I wonder what they are afraid of. Anyway, I know what they mean so whatever....

Yukon got her head stuck under the bed yesterday morning. It took us 15 minutes to realise that she was not playing with a toy. She is just a happy dog so if you mention her name her tail wags like a propeller so when I said bye to her in the morning her tail was going a mile a minute. Her daddy rescued her....we are bad doggy parents! But we haven't killed a plant yet so there is hope!

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Jessica said...

Actually, there is no hope. We're all destined to be bad parents, doggy or otherwise, who screw up our kids. :)