Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Last registration...I Hope

So yesterday I registered for the summer and fall quarter of grad school. Which are my LAST two quarters! I can't wait for them to be over, I just want school to end, it is wearing me out.

The only drawback is that my fall quarter will be two 5 week all day Saturday classes! I am none to keen on that idea. When am I going to sleep in? Plus who wants to sit in a class room from 8:30-5. But it is my last quarter and I will be done earlier in November than I originally anticipated.

So this girl has to suck it up and deal!


Shadowdog said...

I had a schedule like that one year in college and it was something I was NOT looking forward to at all. But after the first couple weeks I got used to it and it was speeding up my college experience. I suspect the same will happen to you. We can get used to almost anything and then it's not so bad.

Jessica said...

Sounds brutal!

Superstar said...


That reminds me..I need to sign up for my summer classes....


Hey, BTW Molly McMommy has a teris game on her space!!!! Go play!

Christina said...

Shadowgog~it just takes me a while to get used to change. Plsu Saturdays were my "sleep in days" but all in all it will be okay.

J~Well the good thing is that it will be my last two classes!

Superstar~get to it can do it and we can comiserate...or drink