Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Jetsons had it right!

I want my own space car like George had!

I work near O'Hare airport which is one of the busiest airports in the world. Well the esteemed mayor has decided to expand this airport to make it bigger. (which means more delays, congestion and noise but I digress) So in the effort to make it bigger the government bought (aka evicted) businesses and residents from near the airport. The next step is to close one major road.

Why is this an issue, well with the moved my commute time has gone from an average of 40 to 1 hour in the morning and 50 minutes to 1 hour and 30 minutes in the afternoon. Now granted, I have yet to explore all my options but the one that I prefer will be dramatically impacted once the road is closed.

One thing about working near an airport is the access to the toll expressway. Which itself is not that bad but, that means that around 4-7 pm it is a glorified parking lot. There are taxis everywhere, those who are back from a long trip and are cranky so they cut you off, people who have no idea where they are going and suburbanites going to Chicago for one event. See these are the people who should take mass transit. Now most of the drivers on the Kennedy are decent but the few that piss me off make for one hell of a commute. I've been very cranky lately about it because it is time away from things that I need to get done like, finish unpacking. When the weather gets bad, which it will, my commute will be God knows how long. One time it took me about 4 hours to get home in the snow!

The reason that I don't take the train or the bus is because my commute would them be 3 hours each way as there is no direct route. And there is no way that I am going to get up at 4 to make the train to get to work by 8 I am not a morning person.

So I need a space car...or a new job in the loop. Ohhh should I be greedy and ask for both?

Car commuting sucks!


needsleepbadly said...

Oh maaaan...I feel your pain. For many years I worked in the burbs (I live in the city)...Schaumburg (during a snowstorm it too me 4.5 hours to get home, that was fun) and Wauconda (waaaay up north). Commuting was pure hell. Now that I work in the city, I definitely do not miss it!!

Jessica said...

I've been thinking about asking to work from home. Gas prices are killing me.

Erin said...

You know, we live in the "future" and we were cheated! I remember reading Weekly Reader in grade school and they said that in the year 2000, we'd be taking shuttle rides like we take plane rides. And who didn't think we wouldn't have flying cars by now?!

Small technology/gadget stuff has certainly gotten pretty cool though.

Erin said...

I feel bad admitting this, but I love O'Hare airport. I love airports in general, and I love airplanes. I like to go to airports just to watch planes. I used to have a fear of flying but I got over it. And I love the way airports smell!

That being said, I think traffic blows, and your commute sounds sucky. I don't think closing roads sounds like a very good long-term solution.

Okay, well I feel better now that I've confessed my airport love.

Sherri said...

Oh my! Reading this just makes me so thankful I work 5 minutes from my home. I definitely feel for you.

Christina said...

nsb~I work near Schamburg and I am glad someone understands the pain!

J~no kiddign right! It is robbery!

E~I understand airport is okay to let it all out!

S~lucky ducky! I am full of envy!