Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Moved on out

Well we moved...

In cleaning out my old apartment, I realised that it was a great apartment. I loved it and I am going to miss it but this is a new place with new memories to be had. Oak Park was a great town to live in and I will have to go there now and then to visit my haunts.

But here is the lowdown...

-it took 4 men 7 hours to move us
-they came 45 minutes early to my place and thus I was in my pjs and hair looking like God knows what banshee that stepped out of the woods!
-in the midst of the chaos i had to take my mom to the airport
-I attended class that night, tired and sore!
-I had well over 70 boxes not counting furniture
-the BF had less boxes but more storage containers
-we had two bookshelves and one corner cabinet damaged
-the only room that is scaring me is the kitchen, the dishwasher is great but we don't have a lot of storage and we have a ton of kitchen stuff
-we spent over two hundred dollars at Target yesterday
-we are hitting IKEA today

So that is my update.

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Jessica said...

Sounds like you're well on the way to recovery!