Monday, May 21, 2007

Ice water

I am freezing here at work today.

By nature I am almost always cold except when I am in direct sun in the summer and entering a hot car. Lately it seems to have gotten worse and I am cold more often then not. I know that the weather is partly to blame because one day it is in the 80s and the next it dropped 30 degrees. So that may have something to do with it.

The BF is the complete opposite of me. He is warm and toasty. I guess that means we are the perfect match. During the course of an evening he will have his share of covers and by the time I wake up I have most of them as he is sleeping sans sheets!

But he does let me warm myself sometimes, just as long as I don't put my cold nose on his belly. apparently that is not pun intended.

Anyway, I am going to drink my tea...hopefully that will warm me up...with my gloves and scarf and sweater. No I am not joking

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Superstar said...

I live in PHX and I have a sweater for the days that my co-workers think we need the A/C on 75. Hello? it's 105 outside. Lets not get us sick.

LOL ;o)
When I go home to Washington State I have to pack my "winter" phx clothes and listen to my family make fun!
~shrugs shoulders~
Oh well.
Snuggle time when Iam cold and BF is so AWESOME!!!