Sunday, May 13, 2007

We have a kitchen

Yep we do. We have managed to unpack numerous boxes, install an pantry and lo and behold we have a kitchen. Ohhh and we can see the dining room is a Huge step!

Today we did the "who has the better *insert kitchen tool/spice/food item here"? You see we had plenty of duplicates. the BF is a foodie and a gadget guy so we have tons of little tools and gadgets but it is taking shape.

So that means that i can cook. I am tired of eating out so it is good to just think that tonight I can make some nice chicken, rice, salad and a fruit salad. But get back to me in a few weeks and then I will tell you how much I miss restaurants.

You can't have it both ways, can you?

Ps to all the moms (including dog/cat/bird/hamster/pet moms) Happy mother's day....I did call my mom and send her a gift from Sephora. I rock


Jessica said...

Congrats on finding your kitchen!

Christina said...

Thank you! Now we just need to find the office! I t hink I will need a pith helmet