Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The babysitter?

I have to head back to the east coast for work next week. I am not pleased about it but this trip is due to the fact that my meeting last week (while I was in the east coast office) had to be canceled. the reason was that some of the directors who had accepted the meeting invite forgot about the meeting including the champion of this project. My next phase is critical that I have their approval to move on because after the meeting no changes will be made.

I hate babysitting middle aged men, come on people! My boss was madder than I was and sent a few emails expressing his disappointment, how respect works and a veiled threat if they miss the next meeting. My boss is awesome. We have this cool working relationship that is very easy and supportive.

So I get to do this all again. The upside is that since the meeting will be in the morning on a Monday I can fly out on Saturday and see the parents for the weekend. My mom especially is wanting to sit and discuss all things wedding. (she has emailed me some pictures of the dresses that she is wanting to wear).

I went to work out last night. I have found my motivation and decided to try and work out at least 2 times a week. The girls and I did our bootcamp on Saturday and Capt. Zen (our nickname) had us work on arms and legs the whole time. It was a long hour! Yesterday, my arms and legs remembered Saturday and they are killing me today. But I am seeing tiny changes in the body so that is what the purpose is.

I was in the gym at the hotel last week to work off the anger I had about the meeting being canceled. So I am getting it in. I hope to keep the momentum going.

Is anyone else having issues with google reader? Mine is no loading and I can't cope with not having it. I am getting the shakes!


Jessica said...

Nope, no issues with reader.

Slick said...

Some of us men are hopeless C.

Uh, not me. Seriously.

Now what did I do with my pants?

East Coast is the best anyhow! :)