Monday, October 20, 2008

Re-cap now with crunchberries

So this weekend started off with a snooze. I actually fell asleep on Friday at 7:30 pm. I will let that sink in for you all...that is right 7:30 pm. One minute I was on the sofa reading then the BF* woke me up to play video games and I fell back asleep while he played then went to bed because I was too pathetic!

Saturday I got up early for me on a Saturday, picked up CBN and we met up with Diana to have our morning bootcamp class. We were tired but all ready to go and we were waiting and waiting only to have the receptionist call our teacher and be told that he had to report to guard duty that day. So no phone call or anything. But all was not lost, we headed out to breakfast and chatted and laughed. And we did work out, we did some fork and coffee cup hand movements.

That afternoon the BF and I headed to the burbs to see his dad. One of the BF's friends came over as well. So we all sat and chatted. Then his brother and his bro's GF came to show us their new car. It was getting late so after a debate between the boys (they are like the odd couple) we decided to head out to eat where we continued to chat.

It took us about 15 minutes to find a parking spot when we got home. Ack! Yesterday morning we went out to breakfast at this place and then we headed to mass. We are seeking a church for the wedding and this is one of two that are near us. We really liked the church and the priest was very nice and not fire and brimstone...the Catholic version. So we are thinking about setting something up there.

I got this award from Princess Pessa. this girl has gone through it all and has lived a life beyond her years. Yet through it all she approaches life with a mature attitude and is making her way in the world. She is a happy soul!

And I have to nominate at least 7 blogs:

Diana-she is just such a wonderful awesome person! We met through blogging and she is one of my dear friends. Her blog is funny, honest and just plain fun.

Come back Nikki-another cool blogger who is another dear friend. She writes with such honesty and conviction. Her stories are priceless and she is just a great woman.

Jessica-My first commenter! She is a mom to a beautiful son and is a keen observationalist. Her snippets range from family, polls and fun. I am glad to know her

Slick-What can I say about slick...he brings our the inner pervert in all of us. His posts make me laugh and his touching post about his mom a few weeks ago had me in tears. His blog is required reading!

SoMi-A new newlywed who is now in Costa Rica after getting married this past weekend. Her blog is one that I look forward reading. She writes about politics, her wedding and life in general. I hope to meet her soon

Cranky Prof-With a frank and honest take on life, she brings us into her world as a mom and a professor. She highlights the stupidity of the world and makes us laugh with stories of her kids. I love her frank and snark.

Teriana-She has a different look on the world but she is intersting and has taken some cool twists in life. She is working to become a police officer and I have such respect for the path that she is on. I want her in my corner!

Caustic Cupcake-A blog I have been reading for a while now. She is the cool bartender at night student by day superhero. She is going to school and balancing life. Plus she has a cool BF and a bunny with dangerous streak.

Finally I would nominate the BF if he ever posts!

So pass on the wealth!

*I decided on keeping BF but rather than Boyfriend it will be Best Fiancee

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Diana said...

Me? Nominated? Awww, thanks!

You were one of my first commenters when I didn't think anyone was reading my blog! :)

I feel so fortunate to have met and gotten to know you. You're so sweet, sincere, considerate and such an awesome person to chat it up with!

You have a devilish streak that surprises me every time it comes out! :) (It always has me remembering to watch out for the quiet ones! lol)

And it's been a treat getting to know CBN...thanks for introducing us!

Thanks again. You're the greatest!